What is your area of specialty?

Each of our speech language pathologists has different specialties. Some of them specialize in language, while others specialize in feeding. They all have a specialty in articulation.

As for Isa Marrs, she is a PROMPT trained Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in Feeding, Pragmatic Language & Articulation Disorders in Children. Within those areas she has a great deal of experience and expertise in a broad range of delays and disorders ranging from mild articulation errors to severe disorders relating to apraxia, cleft lip/palate, velopharyngeal insufficiency, autism, cerebral palsy, and various genetic syndromes. Please see  Isa Marrs In Her Own Words for a more information.

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Isa Marrs

Isa Marrs

Isa Marrs is a board-certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in articulation, pragmatic language and feeding disorders in children. She is an expert in the field who is frequently sought after by institutions and therapists to provide training for working with these and other disorders. Isa also served as a guest expert on Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect.com, and has been quoted by numerous top media such as Disney’s BabyZone.com, LoveToKnow.com, and Univision. She can be reached at 914.488.5282