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Tips For Parents

When it comes to a child’s eating habits, it seems like there’s never any shortage of people wanting to weigh in. If your child can’t or won’t eat a balanced diet, you’ve likely been offered all kinds of advice from friends, relatives, teachers, or even your pediatrician. You’ve probably heard a few of the usual [...]

As I was browsing the internet reading information on feeding, I came across something that irritated me yet didn’t surprise me at all. The idea is to trick our kids into eating healthy. For example, make chocolate chip cookies and put a vegetable puree in the batter to make it “healthy”. This is a problem [...]

If your mealtimes are anything but social and fun try some of these tips! I developed this list of mealtime do’s and don’ts so you can have enjoyable mealtimes. 1: Do turn off the TV and hang up the phone. Mealtimes should be happy and social times. Children should look forward to meals and not [...]

It is always important to constantly remind yourself to “pick your battles”. This saying relates to all areas of parenting and when working with children in therapy. However, feeding is an area where picking your battles really counts. This phrase pops into my mind on a daily basis these days while I sit across from [...]

Developing a healthy feeding relationship between a parent and child is extremely important and begins very early on in life. Positive or negative attitudes towards food are learned early on and often will be maintained throughout adulthood. Meal times can be happy, enjoyable, and social experiences or they can be stressful and frustrating for both [...]