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I know from experience that finding the right person to help your child can be difficult and scary. You want to make sure you find someone who your child will like, and who you can trust. You also want to know that whoever you’re working with will understand your child’s needs, personality, and learning style, and will use that knowledge to help your child reach his fullest potential. The categories I’ve put together on this page will help you get an idea of whether my services are right for your child. While I have a team of specialist who work for me, it is possible that we won’t be the best fit for your child. If not, I’ve got contacts to plenty of other great professionals in the area, and would be happy to make a referral.

Picky Eating & Feeding Services

Click here to find out more about how my practice can help your picky or problem eater become a happy and healthy eater.

Speech Language Services

Do you have questions about your child’s speech or language development? Does your child need an evaluation or therapy? Click here to find out more about how my practice can help.

Long Distance Services

Though my practice is based in Westchester County New York, I am happy to offer additional options to families that I can’t meet in person.