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Picky Eating/Feeding

If your child needs help developing healthy eating/feeding habits, my practice may be the solution. That’s something we can determine together during your Phone Consultation or Initial Consultation. Once we know that your child will benefit from our services, I can begin developing an individualized plan to help your child overcome his eating/feeding difficulties, whether the cause is mechanical, neurological, or behavioral. You’ll be kept completely in the loop from your child’s first therapy session to his last, and you’ll even receive useful tips and strategies to encourage progress at home. I’ve put together a list of feeding services offered through my practice below. Take a look, and feel free to call us with any questions you have.

There are so many questions that run through a parent’s mind when your child struggles with feeding or picky eating. Is this something my child will grow out of? Is it going to affect his health? What can I be doing differently to fix this problem? It may seem like everyone you know has an [...]

Feeding disorders can be serious, and if your child can’t or won’t eat a nutritional diet, you should be strongly considering a feeding consultation. My consultations use parent input and real-life observation to determine what’s causing the problem, and the best way to move forward. Prior to the consult, you’ll be asked to start keeping [...]

Feeding Evaluations include observation and assessment of the motor skills involved in feeding and discussion of behavioral concerns. You will be asked ahead of time to keep a diary of you child’s food intake and behavior during mealtimes, the more specific the information the better. Often a video tape of a mealtime is also requested. [...]

Like our other therapies, feeding therapy will be tailored to the needs of your child. Feeding therapy could involve oral-motor therapy to address weak musculature in and around your child’s mouth. It could involve a behavioral feeding plan with no oral-motor therapy. It could also be some combination of the two. Since children with feeding [...]