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Speech and Language

When it comes to treating a speech/language disorder, it’s important to make sure your child is getting the right type of therapy from the right type of professional. That’s why my practice begins every child’s treatment with an Initial Consultation. During the consultation I’ll learn about your child’s specific needs, personality and learning style to decide what the next step should be. That might mean therapy with me, or it could mean therapy with a member of my team. Each speech language pathologist at my practice is highly experienced, and each brings her own personality, teaching style, and set of unique expertise. If you’re interested in finding out if my practice can make a difference for your child, I encourage you to learn more about our speech/language services below, and give us a call if you have any questions.

You may have noticed by now that when it comes to speech & language disorders, there’s a ton of information out there. Some of it’s trustworthy, but unfortunately, there’s a whole lot more of it that isn’t. In fact, some of the advice out there could even hurt your child’s chances for progress. I want [...]

Every child is different. Each child that comes through my practice has his/her own needs, personality, and learning style. That’s why the initial consultation is crucial for setting your child on the path to overcoming his speech and language difficulties. When you bring your child to my office for an initial consultation, you will know [...]

A speech-language evaluation will look at both sound production and expressive/receptive language skills. The evaluation will be designed to meet the needs of your child. If lengthy testing is required, the evaluation process is divided into two one hour sessions. This way the child will be at his best for the entire assessment. Sometimes speech [...]

We provide speech therapy and language therapy to children throughout Westchester County and surrounding areas.  While we are a specialized practice, therapy will be customized based on your child’s abilities and personality. A basic session is 30 minutes; however it is not uncommon for a child to need 45 or 60 minute sessions. Therapy for [...]