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All the kids I have done this activity with love it. It is especially great for kids who have sensory integration dysfunction. Many families have water tables and sand boxes, but how about a rice table?  It is the easiest activity to set up and it will be good for hours of fun.  All it [...]

Instead of letting your kids gorge themselves on all of that Halloween candy, turn it into money. The idea is that they use their candy as cash to do things they want to do. Not only can this keep them from eating all of the candy, but it can also teach them how money works. [...]

These are activities we have probably all done before and your children may also be doing them at school but it is so easy and lots of fun. Children love doing things at home that they have done at school. First, take a walk around the yard or block and collect cool leaves.  For language [...]

If you are like many families, you are planning some kind of summer fun with your family. It may be a week at the beach, may be a cruise, or even a trip to the zoo. What ever it is there are ways to encourage children’s language and make the trips more fun for everyone. [...]

Do you cook? Are you a good cook? How about a decent cook? I don’t know what the exact statistics are on this, but for many in my generation the stove might as well be a spaceship. Cooking is definitely not a strength of generation X, or any generation since the baby boomers for that [...]