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It is important that you carry over skills taught in the therapy environment into the home environment. With this said, every child is different and their willingness to practice their skills at home varies greatly. Most often we will have parents work with their children on goals that have already been achieved in therapy in [...]

What we mean is that your child’s therapy session will start on time. We know you have a busy life. Most of us do. And even though we have clients who come early, stay late and occasionally come on days when they don’t have an appointment just to play in our waiting room, we know [...]

Each of our speech language pathologists has different specialties. Some of them specialize in language, while others specialize in feeding. They all have a specialty in articulation. As for Isa Marrs, she is a PROMPT trained Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in Feeding, Pragmatic Language & Articulation Disorders in Children. Within those areas she has [...]

A basic office therapy session is 30 minutes however length of sessions may be adjusted according to a child’s specific needs. For example while a child with an articulation disorder such as apraxia requires shorter more frequent sessions while a child with a language disorder and a variety of speech and language needs may benefit [...]

Yes, speech, language and feeding therapy is available in the home.  We understand that many families are pressed for time and need therapy in the home environment.  However, home based sessions are provided on a limited basis and are subject to special terms.