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Speech and Language

Communication is at the center of just about everything we do in life. Life can be extremely difficult for a child who struggles with speech or language. When a child can’t communicate effectively, even the simplest day-to-day interactions can be a source of anxiety and frustration. That’s why it’s so important to begin taking steps now if your child is having trouble being understood, understanding others, or expressing himself.

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Speech and Language Milestones

Even if your child is older, it is important to know which milestones were hit on time or missed.

5 keys to overcoming Speech and Language Disorders

There are many factors that can affect progress. Here are 5 key factors you can control.

Speech and Language Services

Do you have questions about your child’s speech or language development? Does your child need an evaluation or therapy? Click here to find out more about how my practice can help.

Language disorders affect between six and eight million people in the United States. As J. Boyer from the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning says, “Language is the means by which all other subjects are pursued.” I recently came across that quote and feel it really sums up the importance of language. It helps [...]

I am often asked the question from well meaning people “How do you teach a child to…” with various endings to the question. If the question has to do with speech and language disorders very often it is not an easy question to answer, especially in a social situation. When it comes to getting a [...]

Most information in the news about Autism relates to causes, treatments, and statistics.This discusses how autism affects speech and language and often eating.

Unfortunately for children who do not “grow out of it” time has been lost. There are significant risks in waiting for the child who will not grow out of it.

If you are concerned about your child’s social development it is important that you get them help. The longer you wait the further behind they will fall. Fortunately social skills can be learned. Call (914) 488-5282 for more info.