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Speech and Language

Communication is at the center of just about everything we do in life. Life can be extremely difficult for a child who struggles with speech or language. When a child can’t communicate effectively, even the simplest day-to-day interactions can be a source of anxiety and frustration. That’s why it’s so important to begin taking steps now if your child is having trouble being understood, understanding others, or expressing himself.

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Speech and Language Milestones

Even if your child is older, it is important to know which milestones were hit on time or missed.

5 keys to overcoming Speech and Language Disorders

There are many factors that can affect progress. Here are 5 key factors you can control.

Speech and Language Services

Do you have questions about your child’s speech or language development? Does your child need an evaluation or therapy? Click here to find out more about how my practice can help.

Every parent has to deal with temper tantrums. Some parents have to deal with them on occasion while others have to deal with temper tantrums constantly. There’s lots of advice out there on how to deal with them. There is even advice on what causes them. However, one thing that always gets missed is a [...]

There have been several studies over the past few years that have shown that when evaluated by an expert in Childhood Apraxia of Speech roughly 75% of children with the diagnosis are found not to have the disorder.

Prior to starting therapy I am often asked “How long do you think this will take?” I never give an answer, and you should beware of anyone who does. Speech and language disorders are complex. There are many factors that can affect progress, some we can control and some that we cannot. My goal here [...]

When comparing your child to his or her siblings or friends, remember that there is a wide range of what is considered normal speech language development. However, if your child has not reached all of the milestones within his category before moving to the next level you should contact a speech language pathologist for guidance. [...]

Some things drive me crazy. For example, we were out to dinner with a friend and his new girlfriend who asked Isa if she was a  SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher). Isa said “no, I’m a speech language pathologist”. This led the girlfriend to say “my cousin gets speech therapy through Westchester County from a [...]