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Feeding Therapy

Like our other therapies, feeding therapy will be tailored to the needs of your child.

Feeding therapy could involve oral-motor therapy to address weak musculature in and around your child’s mouth. It could involve a behavioral feeding plan with no oral-motor therapy. It could also be some combination of the two.

Since children with feeding problems tend to develop negative emotional responses to eating there is almost always a need for some form of a behavioral feeding plan. In these cases home and center based therapy are often utilized to maximize the effectiveness of therapy. Center based feeding therapy will take place in our office in Briarcliff Manor which is located in Westchester County , NY.

Feeding disorders can be serious so if you are concerned about your child’s eating/feeding you need to contact a feeding specialist immediately.

You should call (914) 488-5282 to request a consultation, or feeding evaluation with Isa Marrs.

PS: We are a no waiting office.