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Initial Consultation for Picky Eating, Problem Eating, or Feeding

Feeding disorders can be serious, and if your child can’t or won’t eat a nutritional diet, you should be strongly considering a feeding consultation. My consultations use parent input and real-life observation to determine what’s causing the problem, and the best way to move forward. Prior to the consult, you’ll be asked to start keeping a behavioral food diary for your child, and to prepare a lunchbox of foods to bring to your appointment. During the consult, you and I will discuss the behavioral food diary, and I’ll observe your child’s reaction to the foods in the lunch box. Based on my findings, I’ll be able to advise you on steps you can take to improve the situation at home, and recommend a plan for feeding therapy, if necessary. Our time together will be comfortable, relaxed, and free of judgment as we take the first step toward helping your child overcome his feeding/eating difficulties.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss your child’s picky eating, problem eating, or feeding, contact my assistant Paris at (914) 686-0190.