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Long Distance Speech-Language Consultation

Realizing your child is struggling to communicate can be overwhelming. Even when you know your child needs help, you may not know where to start. As you start to research possible solutions you’ll find yourself faced with tons of advice, some of which is conflicting, and some of which doesn’t make sense. Even finding a qualified specialist to work with your child can be a challenge when you aren’t sure what kind of help your child really needs.

When you schedule a phone consultation with me, I will help you work through a situation that is often both confusing and scary. While most speech or language deficits will require in-person therapy from a trained SLP, I can help you begin to sift through your options with confidence. During your long distance consultation, I will happily answer all your speech & language questions so that you can decide what type of help is right for your child, and make sure you’re working with a professional you can trust.

If this sounds like something that could be beneficial, then my assistant, Paris, will be happy to set up a time for us to speak. She can be reached at 914.686.0190.