Isa MarrsIsa Marrs is available for interview and to speak on a variety of topics relating to child development. She can be reached via this website or by calling (914) 488-5282.

She served as the featured expert for Nickelodeon’s She has been quoted by numerous media outlets including top names such as US News & World Report, Disney’s,, and Univision.

She has also authored articles for Inside Westchester, Westchester Parent and of course her websites, (dedicated to social development in children) and her print newsletter The Kids’ Health Spectator.

Examples and links to some of the articles are listed below.

Feeding/Picky Eating
Is baby cereal necessary? –

Developing a Healthy Feeding Relationship With Your Child – Inside Westchester

11 Tips on Feeding Babies with Infant Acid Reflux – (now

10 Ways to Get Your baby Talking – She Knows

Baby Language Development: Interview with Isa Marrs –

How to Become a Speech-Language Pathologist – US News & World Report

The Importance Of Being Understood – Westchester Parent

Speech and Language Disorders Therapy – Inside Westchester

Porqué porqué porqué Edad de las preguntas, cómo sobrevivir –
After 7 years Nickelodeon’s has ended and the articles are no longer available.
What are the symptoms of Childhood Apraxia of Speech –
How do I get my child tested for Childhood Apraxia of Speech? –