Halloween Candy Idea

Instead of letting your kids gorge themselves on all of that Halloween candy, turn it into money. The idea is that they use their candy as cash to do things they want to do. Not only can this keep them from eating all of the candy, but it can also teach them how money works.

First talk to your children about creating a monetary system or token system using their Halloween candy. Then decide what each piece of candy and what each activity is worth.

Maybe chocolate is worth a dollar which earns them special time or maybe it gets them out of a chore. Perhaps candy corn or lollipops could be worth a quarter which earns them 5 minutes to play their favorite video game. The values are up to you. However, once you set the rules stick with them.

Once your children pay you with their candy you can decide what to do with it.  But please do not let your children see you eating it!

Remember it is now money, not food.

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Isa Marrs

Isa Marrs is a board-certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in articulation, pragmatic language and feeding disorders in children. Read More