What is The Difference Between an Articulation Disorder and a Delay

The words “disorder” and “delay” are often used interchangeably; however, I prefer to differentiate between the two.

An articulation “disorder” is most often more severe and will require therapeutic intervention to correct or improve. On the other hand it is possible, yet not definite, that a child will grow out of an articulation “delay”.

When I think of a “disorder” the word “different” comes to mind. Children with speech “disorders” have different types of speech errors that would not be heard in a younger child has a “delay”. There are common errors that many children make when they are delayed. Most, but not all, children correct those errors on their own.

Children do not grow out of speech or language disorders of any kind.

Often times parents are told to “wait and see if he’ll grow out of it” by someone who is not an expert in speech/language development. Sometimes this is a family member, other times it is a pediatrician . Unfortunately this causes many parents to lose precious time.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech and language development the only person qualified to tell you if it is a delay or a disorder is a board certified speech language pathologist.

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