Rice Play

All the kids I have done this activity with love it. It is especially great for kids who have sensory integration dysfunction. Many families have water tables and sand boxes, but how about a rice table?  It is the easiest activity to set up and it will be good for hours of fun.  All it takes is a few bags of rice a large container and your child’s favorite little toys.

In our house we use our water table for our rice and bury our fake bugs and cars. At my daughters 2nd birthday all the kids loved it (from ages 2-5).

In my therapy office we keep the rice in a large plastic box. All the kids love it and look for it as soon as they come in the office.  In fact I had to hide it in the closet because it was the only thing they wanted to play with.

The way to use it for developing language is to talk about the different toys as your child pulls them out of the rice.

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Isa Marrs

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